5 Tips to Clear UGC NET exam

Analyse important topics in the syllabus

The NET syllabus is extensive and diverse, with 83 subjects. Choose a subject that you wish to pursue or are interested in. Then, thoroughly review the subject’s syllabus and make a list of subjects to begin your preparation with.

Choose the right study material

It might be difficult to choose the correct study material for NET exam preparation. However, with the guidance of experts and mentors, you can select the best one. You can contact students who have already taken the NET exam to check which book they used. Check with the toppers or senior students who took the NET Exam to get a sense of their preparation technique.

Prepare a realistic timetable

Creating a realistic timetable helps you focus on your goals, and it becomes possible to achieve them easily. An unrealistic timetable can lead to unnecessary stress of not completing the planned topics on time. It’s best to gauge your focus limit per day and plan your subjects accordingly.

Make Notes on topics in the syllabus

Making unit-wise notes for UGC NET exam preparation will help you understand the concepts well. Making clear notes help you during the exam revision to quickly go through the concepts in a short period of time. Also, notes are an efficient way to learn and memorise topics that has complex process to be understood. Notes have all relevant information regarding the concept and it makes learning easy.

Practice Previous year questions

Candidates must practice previous year questions to get an idea about the complexity of questions asked in the UGC NET exam. Previous year questions are an effective way to learn about the frequently asked questions and also you get an idea to solve important questions in the least amount of time. Therefore, candidates should always practice last 5 years questions to get an idea about the overall exam.